Rent CRM, development of CRM

Sooner or later, almost every business faces the need to automate business processes. Usually this is done by trying first to run clients on paper, then to excel, to free "universal CRM" and then in any case there is a need to introduce specialized CRM at the enterprise for the narrow needs of a specific business. On the topic of CRM is a good video, which describes the need to move at least to universal CRM of any business

What do we offer?

CRM for accounting outsourcing companies with the maintenance of a general accounting calendar for all customers, reminders for the submission of reports, payment of taxes, renewal of keys. Sending information to clients about payment of taxes.crm система

Individual development of CRM

Unlike 99% of all our competitors, we offer individual development (refinement) of CRM for your needs. As a result, you will receive 100% of the product that you want.