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Installation and maintenance of ACS

Installation of ACS (access control systems) will not be superfluous, either in a small office or in a large enterprise or warehouse.

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This solution will allow:

If you care about the security of the facility and want to professionally install access control in Kiev at an affordable price, then our team is at your service. We offer the full range of services, including design, procurement and delivery of equipment. Our specialists will competently install the ACS and adjust the access parameters of the monitoring system, as well as train the personnel to work with the equipment. Upon completion of work, we provide a guarantee for all types of services. Also here you can order a comprehensive service support.

The process of installing control and access control systems

Maintenance of access control systems

For access control systems, there is no difference in whether a large enterprise or an organization with an average staff is large. They are equally functional. Malfunctions occur when the systems are operated incorrectly, the electronic boards and chips fail, the voltage in the electrical networks is reduced or increased, etc.

Option 1: Agreement on access control services

Having concluded a contract for maintenance, repair of scum, the client removes the entire burden of responsibility for their normal functioning. The service monthly lists a small amount of money. Its scope includes not only repair, but also system preventive maintenance of equipment, as it is always in operation. The practice of outsourcing proves that only in this way it is easy to achieve from electronic systems of high efficiency with zero failures in operation.

Cooperating with us, you get:

The cost of maintenance for each object is: from 300.00 UAH. per month with VAT.

Option 2: One-time on-call service

With a one-time visit to the application, the response to Kiev is 1 working day.

The report on the work done on the application consists of: indication of the cause of the malfunction, determination of the terms of elimination, volumes and cost of the performed work.

Departure specialist for the diagnosis without using official vehicles – 350.00 UAH.

Departure specialist with the use of official vehicles (tools, stepladder, replacement equipment) – 450.00 UAH.

Cooperating with us, you get:

Rates for ACS

The final price depends on the complexity of the installation and the number of units. The prices are given without taking into account the cost of materials, departure of a specialist and without VAT:

Type of work Name The cost, UAH.
Installation work Button installation "Exit" 42
Installation work Installation of electromechanical latch 420
Installation work Installation of the turnstile 490
Installation work Installing an electromagnetic lock 280
Installation work Mounting the Access Controller 70
Installation work Mounting of the panel 98
Installation work Doorphone installation 126
Installation work Fencing installation 420
Installation work Installing an adapter to connect to a door communication system 77
Installation work Door closer installation 140
Installation work Mounting the reader 56
Installation work Installation of an electromechanical lock 420
Setting up the equipment Adjusting the electromagnetic lock 56
Setting up the equipment Electromechanical lock regulation 56
Setting up the equipment Adjustment door closer 42
Hardware Programming Programming the network access key (card) 15,4
Hardware Programming Programming the access controller for network ACS 154
Hardware Programming Programming of an access key (card) of an autonomous ACS 6,3
Hardware Programming Programming an access controller for a standalone ACS 28