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Custom Software Development

Business needs sometimes can not be solved by standard means and it is required to develop individual solutions for specific highly specialized tasks. 

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We have rich experience in developing solutions in many areas

Our specialization includes:

We own an extensive toolkit of technologies to satisfy the highest demands of our Clients.

The software that we develop for our customers, helps to solve a wide range of tasks — from everyday to mission-critical. This allows our Clients to rely on reliable solutions  and engage in the main business process, without being distracted by  auxiliary tasks — which can be outsourced (outsourced) to our company.

Under what platforms do we write?

Outsourcing programming

Outsourcing software development (literally — software developed not on the site of its direct use) provides a number of advantages to customers of our services:

The software goes through the following stages

As a result, the client receives the software product created according to the requirements.

Cost of software development

From $ 500, to determine the cost more accurately - send a technical assignment, tk. requests and wishes are different for everyone. The price range for the projects that we carried out ranges from $ 500 to $ 10,000.