Telephony and PBX rental

Thanks to the PBX there is no longer any need to run, call someone to the device, you do not need to collect people for the meeting (it can be done by phone), waiting for an important call, there is no need to be near the phone (just forward the call to the number where you are are going to be), etc.

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The organization of the office telephone network (installation of telephone networks, installation of telephones, etc.) is profitable with at least 2 city lines (MGTS or any other) and 3 subscribers

Installation works include, assembly of automatic telephone exchanges, connection to line cables and internal lines in the Customer's office. Programming is carried out after coordination with the Customer of a set of services, drawing up of the plan of communications inside the office.

To carry out these works, we will send you a qualified specialist who will perform all the necessary work on the spot within a few hours.

If necessary, we can assist in the choice of telephone and Internet providers, taking into account the minimum costs for connection and maintenance for your company.

What can we offer you?

VOIP telephony

It has the following advantages:

Features and benefits of PBX