Search engine optimization

In order for your site to work productively, it is necessary that customers can find it among a variety of information. Our services

Sequence of work 

in one day we will begin to optimize and purchase links leading to your site
in one week search engines will evaluate your site and index the links to it
in one month the position of the site in search engines will improve
in 3 months You will start getting customers from search engines
in 6 months we support the achieved result

Basic website promotion includes:

Site usability analysis

After the user has got on your site, the main task is to provide your potential customer with all the necessary information in the most convenient form. The analysis of usability will help to track the user's behavior on the site, identify all «the bottlenecks» and eliminate the reasons for which the user leaves your site without obtaining the required information. In the course of usability analysis the following tasks are solved:

Internet advertising

Promotion in the search engines is aimed at ensuring that users can find the site of your company. However, sometimes this is not enough, and a more active impact on the audience of potential customers is required. Internet advertising – is a set of services aimed both at actively attracting the audience to the site, and on the formation of a positive image of the company.

Internet advertising includes the following complex of services: