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IT outsourcing

Quality IT outsourcing from one of the regional leaders in the region. A low and fixed cost of service, which includes the full range of services of a standard IT department. The number of visits and calls is unlimited, there are no hidden fees. The cost of maintenance of computers under the contract is lower than the average salary of a novice system administrator.

Cost of maintenance of computers by agreement

Number of computers 1-4 5-9 10-20 20+
Number of departures 4 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of hits unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Hosting as a gift yes
Cost per PC 400 UAH
350 UAH
350 UAH
300 UAH
300 UAH
250 UAH
250 UAH
200 UAH

Find out the exact cost of service

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Total servers:0
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Attention! Prices are as of 02/23/2022. Due to inflation, additional costs and recent salary adjustments, 30% is added to these prices to arrive at the final price.

What is included in the cost of service under the contract

What is not included in the price and what will have to be paid separately

One-time call of a specialist without a service contract

In case you need to provide one-time services for setting up computers or servers, or to service equipment that is not included in the main contract (for example, the employee's home computer), you can order a one-time visit of the system administrator. The cost of its services is 250 UAH per hour. How many hours will he spend on standard tasks?

Time on the road is not taken into account. Time is rounded to the nearest hour. 5-59 minutes is counted as an hour of work.

Our advantages

Maintenance of computers with VAT

We work with all forms of taxation, including VAT if necessary.


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